Baka - Beef Cuts for Different Cooking Methods

Buying your beef or baka should depend on the type of dish that you are going to prepare.

  • Loin cuts (tenderloin, sirloin) are the most tender part, thus are good for Steak, Bistek, Beef Broccoli, Beef Tapa, or even just for stir-frying. They are perfect for broiling, grilling, pan-frying, or just about any quick type of cooking where you get an outside crust while the inside is still pinkish or medium rare.
  • Round or Kabilugan is for your Morcon, where you can cut a fair slice and roll without tearing. Some parts are quite lean that some like it for roasting whole.
  • Chuck or the meat from the shoulder area is perfect for beef stew, Mechado, Caldereta and also for Pot Roast and other slow cooked dishes.
  • Ribs are not necessarily the rib cage or the part that is most of the time made into barbecue. Prime rib and rib-eye are parts of the rib section which are also great for roasting.
  • Marrow is for your Bulalo. That is the fatty substance inside large beef bones.
  • Brisket is from the breast, and is also a good cut to use for Morcon. Corned beef is made from this cut.

Knowing your beef cuts can help you plan for your meals, from buying to preparing and cooking. Though most supermarket packaged beefs are labeled for which they're suitable for cooking, they can be a bit pricey.

Your other option is the wet market section of your favorite Asian store - they can be cheaper but you will have to know your beef cuts.

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