Bangus Sardines Spanish Style

Bangus Sardines Spanish Style recipe is my take on my favorite canned bangus: the Victoria Foods brand.  

The recipe name sounds silly and confusing considering bangus and sardines are 2 different fish,  but if you're a Pinoy,  you will understand that we refer to any canned fish as sardines (tuna sardines and sardinas na pusit, anyone?)

Bangus Sardines Spanish StyleBangus Sardines Spanish Style

Most recipes you will find online and on social media start with brining the fish in salt water before pressure cooking with olives, carrots, bay leaf, pickles and peppercorns.

This one, however, is based on the ingredients at the back of the Victoria brand -- I did not brine and I did not use olives but I have tomato paste, chili powder and the pickle liquid instead because I like the reddish hue of the sauce.

I hope you will give this a try.

First, let's look at the ingredients at the back of the Victoria brand can:

Victoria Food Bangus in can
Canned Bangus Ingredients