Filipino Food and Culture : Interesting Reads

A lot of articles and videos have been featured about Filipino food and culture over the years, and I want to compile those that interest me and share them with you.

Filipino Adobo - The America's Test Kitchen Way

This is a very unique recipe of our very own Chicken Adobo done by the popular test kitchen chefs of America's Test Kitchen.

A premiere cooking TV program in the U.S., America's Test Kitchen showcases traditional and forgotten American recipes and those from all over the world where they try(and oftentimes succeed) to perfect each recipe to suit the American palate.

An interesting take on the Adobo that uses a different kind of vinegar, and which coconut is added to mellow out the overpowering taste of the vinegar -- that is, for those who are not used to having Mr.'Datu Puti' on their dish.

Try out the recipe and let me know if it is a 'success'!

Matter of Taste by Matthew Sutherland

I got this article as an email, googled it and found that it's in a lot Filipino blogs on food and culture.

This was written in 1999 by an Englishman expatriate in the Philippines. The article is quite long, so I split it into 2 - this part 1 is about popular Filipino cuisine, like an outsider's take on our food culture.

Funny, entertaining and interesting, so read on...

Matter of Taste 2 by Matthew Sutherland

What's In A Name? This article is the second part of the email I got with the title Matter of Taste by Matthew Sutherland.

It tackles the name culture of Filipinos, which I can totally relate to since I, myself, have a doorbell name.

This article is really amusing, so read and enjoy!

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