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filipino-food-recipes Newsletter, Issue #002
May 05, 2016

Ampalaya and Mango Salad, Adobong Balot and Carrot Cupcake

Hello there!

It's Beng from filipino-food-recipes!

I am excited to share with you new recipes posted in the site, please check them out!

First off, we made an appetizer, or (side salad) - for those who have an acquired taste to the bitter melon or Ampalaya -- and loves the contrasting sweetness and tartness of the Apple Mango -- this one is for you to try!

Ampalaya and Mango Salad

We also have the weird, inventive recipe for Adobong Balut - fertilized duck egg cooked in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic... so good it comes with a precaution : limit to 1 egg per meal or your cholesterol could go through the roof ;)

Adobong Balut

Then, gotta have desserts : I made my husband's favorite cake (and mine, too) -- the carrot cupcake... Not really a Filipino food but you can easily find it in fine bakeshops and restaurants in Manila -- so why not?

Carrot Cupcake

Lastly, sending you again a link to access our summarized recipe page :

Recipe Index Page -- and don't forget the password to access:


Happy Cooking (and Baking)!



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