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Welcome to Filipino Food Recipe Site!

I want to share with you not just my collection of Filipino food recipes -- I intend to have so much more than our typical adobo, lumpia, chop suey, pancit, or the ever popular Filipino dessert leche flan recipes.

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Hi! This is the Filipino-Food-Recipes website.

My name is Beng and I live in Central New Jersey.

Though every other town here has a Filipino food store, I still am craving for my mom's kind of cooking, my kind of comfort food.

I know most of us have gone a long way from cooking our traditional dishes. We have adapted with what's available where we live, and in the process improvised and added a much more exciting complexity and dimension to our flavors.

Just like it's not a Filipino party without Kaldereta or Kare-Kare. It's not considered an engrande or grandiose party without the Lechon. And it wouldn't feel like Christmas without Bibingka and Puto Bumbong...

Like any ethnic cuisine, it is essential to use authentic ingredients. You'll know it's Filipino cooking if you flavor with Fish Sauce (Patis) or Soy Sauce, Shrimp Paste (Bagoong) and Calamansi. Salt and Pepper just don't cut it.

... or if you are trying to impress (or scare?) and let out your quirky exotic food line-up of Balut, Oxtail, Tripe and Lengua, and who wouldn't run away from the sight of cooked Pork Blood in Dinuguan?

My approach and procedures may sometimes be unconventional and my dish pairings may be unusual but, believe me, I get rave reviews...

So if you have happened to come across this site, it is my guess that you are looking for some unique and exciting Filipino Recipes.

Also, you will find my Tips and techniques along the way, you may choose to adapt or disregard them.

My objective is to help you know the basics and understand why we do the things the way we do.

Let me now invite you into my kitchen to re-discover Filipino food, the way my mom had taught me.