Tatay Fredo's Basoy Tagalog

by Josea A, Razon
(Davao City, Philippines)

Every Sunday, Tatay would wake up very early in the morning and walk to the market.

Tatay, saan po kayo pupunta? Sa palengke at magbabasoy ako.

When he comes back home he had a kilo of lean pork and misua. I miss his cooking.

Basoy Tagalog is a Sunday favorite. We either eat this with Putong bigas or as ulam for breakfast.

That’s how we spent our Sunday almost half a century ago.

And we would all gather round the table as we watched him chopped to small pieces the pork and prepare the other ingredients. He chopped the pork because there was no meat grinder available.

We helped shred the chili leaves from the stem.

Let’s start the preparation...


1 kilo pork
Dahon the sili
Salt to taste
Ground pepper
Msg optional

Procedure :

Finely chop the meat so that it will look like it was ground up.

Prepare the spices.

Heat the pan. Add a little oil. Sauté the garlic, onion and ginger.

Then add the ground pork. Stir for a while. Add salt and MSG.

Add plenty of water or as desired. Let it boil.

Try to sip a little to check the taste.

When pork is tender and it's already pleasant to taste, add the misua and chili leaves.

Add ground pepper and remove from heat.

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