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Building a site like this one is something new to me.

I am not a writer, nor a culinary expert...

I am more of a passionate foodie, and an analytical thinker brought about by my engineering background (any Mapúan out there?).

My training is more on systems and finding ways to make things better and processes easier which many say is reflective in the way I write the recipe instructions and the cooking tips...

Let me introduce you to a creative (and silly!) contributor to the site : my brother, Ariel -- he was an Accounting graduate from Letran College, but food has always been his passion.

We want this site to be a homage to our parents.

Our mom, Helen, is an excellent cook and a brilliant mentor.

Our Papa, Leon, was the best supporter, provider and financial adviser there is. He was a CPA, an examiner with the Central Bank of the Philippines.

Mama, a Kapampangan, is from a family of real good cooks and bakers, her sisters had a restaurant and bakeries in Angeles City, Pampanga, Malabon and Baguio City.

Papa was from Batangas. He worked hard to send himself to college, and he taught us the value of work and having a passion for what you do.

This was our parents first beginnings in Malabon, taken more than 50 years ago. My father went to be with the Lord in 2004.

Our dream for this site is to develop as a reference guide to many budding Filipino cooks especially those living outside the country, to become a sharing site where everyone can post a food specialty and brag about it, and to introduce the wonderful tastes and complexities of the Filipino cuisine.



"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." Psalm 20:4


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