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This Merienda, Atbp Page is my take on popular Filipino snacks, street foods and appetizers and some common food-court favorites.

Most Filipinos I know have a penchant for snacking.

If it's not a sit-down meal that is eaten with rice, it's not considered a meal but rather a snack.

We have an early afternoon and before dinner snack - also an after-dinner and midnight snack.

We practically eat more that 5 times a day - 3 square meals plus a lot of snacking in between.

So what items do we consider as snack food? It could either be sweet or savory.

Sweet, from donuts, cupcakes, bananaque and kamote-q, turon, maruya, to suman and kakanin...

Savory, from lumpia, Ukoy, barbecue, to pizza and sandwiches(Subs).

Funny that what we take as snacks like Pizza and subs are considered meals for lunch or dinner here in the US.

Bananaque (Banana-Q)
Skewered Fried Banana with Caramelized Brown Sugar Coating.

Adobong Mani
Fried Peanuts with Garlic.

Mungbean Sprout and Shrimp Fritter.

Maruyang Saging
Banana Fritters.

Beef Empanada
Beef and Vegetables Turnover.

Pinsec Frito
Crispy Fried Dumpling

Ginataang Monggo
Mungbean Rice Pudding

Dumpling with Ground Pork and Shrimp.

Arroz Caldo
Rice Soup with Chicken, Ginger and Garlic.

Chicken Empanada
Chicken Turnover with Potatoes and Raisins.

Sweet Chocolate Rice Porridge.

Ginataang Mais
(recipe by Ariel J)Sweet Glutinous Rice Porridge with Corn

Kwek-kwek, Balut at Penoy
(recipe by Ariel J)Battered and Fried Quail Eggs, Balut and Penoy

Fried Ham and Cheese Roll
(recipe by Ariel J)Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich
Shredded Chicken Meat with Mayonnaise Spread.

Cheese Pimiento
Cheese Spread with Pimiento.

Pinoy Waffle
Waffle with Choice of Savory and Sweet Fillings

Ginataang Halo-halo
Coconut Dessert with Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Tapioca Pearls.

Okoy Ni Monching
Recipe by Monching Manalo Austria)

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