Filipino Cooking How To's,
Tips and Techniques

Is there any Filipino cooking method and technique that baffles you?

I have always appreciated that my mom is just a phone call away every time I'm stuck with a cooking question, and that's what I intend for you to have on this page.

We all know that there is no strict code in the Filipino way of cooking.

The How-To section, however, is only to impart some knowledge and techniques that could make your life easier in the kitchen.

  • Are you intimidated on how beef tripe or tuwalya is prepared for your Kare-kare?
  • Do you ever wonder why your shelled peanuts are still hard even after boiling them for an hour or so?
  • Don't you hate it when your open, boxed brown sugar box has hardened sugar?

How to Cook Tripe?   A help page for cooking beef tripe.

How to Choose Your Beef Cuts?
Choosing the beef cut to buy for your particular cooking method.

How to Cook Rice?
Interesting ways of cooking the Filipino staple food, both traditional and modern ways.

How to Make Galapong?
Make fabulous native delicacies knowing the basic steps to make the sweet rice dough or galapong.

How to Make Latik?
Easy steps in making the topping for sticky rice cake, Biko.

How to Cook Crabs?
Want to know the secret in keeping all your crab roe or fat (taba ng alimango) intact after cooking?

How to Prep Ampalaya
Techniques on how to lessen the bitterness in bitter gourds.

How to Clean Catfish
Tips on handling and cleaning Hito.

How to Prep Banana Leaves for Cooking
Tips on handling and preparing the banana leaves.

How to Process Coconut from Shells
Tips on how to remove coconut meat from shells.

Gulaman, How to Cook the Filipino Gelatin
Tips on How to Prepare Agar-agar for Gulaman Desserts.

How to Prepare the Sizzling Plates
Tips on How to Season, Store and Use the Sizzling Plate.

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