Filipino Fish Recipes

Escabeche, Fish Sinigang, Fish-Tofu with Tausi, Paksiw na Isda, Pesang Isda, Inihaw na Bangus, Fish Tausi, Tinapa, Tuyo, Relyenong Bangus, Sarciadong Isda, Pinangat na Isda, Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso, Sinaing Na Tulingan, Bistek na Bangus, Fish and Tofu Stir-fry, Fish Fillet in Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce, Steamed Talakitok with Garlic Oyster Sauce, Sinaing na Tawilis, Tortang Dulong, Bangus Embutido

What are you hoping to find in this Filipino Fish Recipes page?

Fish cooked in sweet and savory sauce, or as a comforting soup, or made as dried salty breakfast treat, or crispy fried to perfection, fish dishes are a kind of comfort food.

I have devoted a whole different page just for fish recipes so we can fully explore our traditional, as well as contemporary preparation methods.

Among others, I intend to learn how to make Tinapa using the stove top to smoke my fish, which, I will post here some time.

But before that, we have to learn how to determine if the whole fish we are buying is fresh.

  • The eyes must be bright and clear, no hint of redness.

  • The flesh must be firm to the touch and springs back when pressed lightly.

  • No funky smell or strong fishy smell.

Most reputable supermarkets that sell dressed, packed frozen fish are your safest bet, but they could be expensive.

Frozen fish are usually flash-frozen and kept at the safe temperature during transit.

Now, if you want to start your kids to eat fish or maybe you are just not a fan of picking the bones from a whole fish, just buy the fish fillets.

You just will need to bread or cover the fish with some sort of batter so it doesn't dry out and any sauce that you might put with it would adhere well.

Steamed Fiesta Fish
Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise

Fish and Tofu Stir-fry
Fish and Tofu with Oyster Sauce(recipe by Ariel J.)

Fish Tausi
Fish in Fermented Black Soybean.

Pinangat na Isda
Fish Poached in Kamias and Tomatoes.

Sarciadong Isda
Fried Fish in Sauteed Tomato Topped with Eggs

Inihaw na Bangus
Grilled Fish Stuffed With Onion and Tomatoes

Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso
(recipe by Cashee Rose Cardenas )

Fish Sinigang
Fish in Sour Tamarind Soup

Pesang Isda
Fish Soup with Ginger and Chinese Cabbage.

Sinaing na Tawilis
Sardine cooked in Banana leaves with Dried Kamias

Bistek na Bangus
Fried Milkfish in Calamansi and Soy Sauce

Kinunot na Pagi
Flaked Stingray in Creamy Coconut Sauce

Tortang Dulong
Fried Fish Patty

Bangus Embutido
Fish Meatloaf

Rellenong Bangus
Stuffed and Fried Milkfish

Fish-Tofu with Tausi
Fried Fish Fillet with Tofu Cooked with Tausi and Mango

Fried Fish Topped with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sinaing Sa Gata (Tuna)
(recipe by Josea A. Razon)

Paksiw na Isda
Fish Cooked in Vinegar and Ginger

Rellenong Bangus
Stuffed and Fried Milkfish

Bangus Embutido
Fish Meatloaf

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