Filipino Desserts

Mango Turon, Leche Flan, Butsi, Taho, Yema Balls, Bukayo, Polvoron, Buko Pandan, Fruit Salad, Ice Buko, Mango Graham Cake, Jelly Flan, Pastillas de Leche, Mango Sago with Lychee Gelatin, Coffee Jelly, Orange Glazed Yams, Strawberry Ice Pops, Mango Crepe, Graham Balls

This Filipino Desserts page will give you not just the popular desserts like Leche Flan, Eggpie, Yema and Polvoron ...

Let's mix it up with favorites like Macaroons, Food for the Gods, Cheese Cupcake, and sweet concoctions which are not really classified under desserts but nonetheless, for those with a sweet tooth.

Desserts play a very important role in every meal. It's the 'finale', the culmination of the feast, and sometimes the highlight of the buffet spread.

A party's dessert selection could make or break the event's success that's why it is as important as the main entree.

In selecting your dessert line-up(should you require more than a couple), it is important to consider your guests' age -- kids prefer cookies and colorful finger foods, sex -- focus more on the women since men are not usually big on desserts, race -- if you have mixed race guests, better not to do an all native delicacy spread.

Nonetheless, your safest bet is the leche flan -- that's why it's ever present in any Filipino gathering.

Leche Flan
Creamy Custard with Caramel Top

Yema Balls
Sweets Made from Eggyolk and Milk

A Confection Made from Toasted Flour, Sugar and Powdered Milk

Butsi / Butchi / Butse
Sesame Seed Balls with Red Bean Filling

Soft Tofu in Sweet Caramel Syrup with Tapioca Pearls

Buko Pandan
Pandan-Flavored Gelatin Salad with Young Coconut Strips

Fruit Salad
Fruit Cocktail in Condensed Milk and Heavy Cream

Mango Turon
Fried Spring Roll with Caramelized Apple(Indian) Mango(recipe by Ariel J.)

Mango Sago with Lychee Gelatin
Creamy Dessert of Mango, Sago, Gelatin and Nata de Coco (recipe by Ariel J.)

Coffee Jelly
Coffee Flavored Gelatin in a Rich Cream Base (recipe by Ariel J.)

Ice Buko
Coconut Ice Popsicle

Coconut Sweets

Mango Crepe
Caramelized Mango in Crepe with Creamy Sauce Topping

Strawberry Ice Pops
Strawberry Custard Ice Cream Popsicle

Mango Graham Cake
Mango Slices in Layers of Graham Crackers and Whipped Cream(recipe by Ariel J.)

Pastillas De Leche
Sweetened Milk Candies(recipe by Ariel J.)

Jelly Flan
Gelatin Custard Dessert (recipe by Ariel J.)

Orange Glazed Yams
Fried Yams with Orange Flavored Caramel (recipe by Ariel J.)

Graham Balls
Crushed Graham Cookie with Marshmallow

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