Cordon Bleu

Breaded and Fried Chicken Fillet with Ham and Cheese Filling

Recipe by :  Ariel Jasa,  Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Cordon Bleu, though not a local dish, is often found in Filipino cookbooks under International Cuisine.  It has a fancy sounding name, that is served popularly in special occasions and wedding receptions.

Chicken Cordon bleu is simply chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, then breaded and fried or baked to have that crispy exterior.

For this recipe, I use chicken fillet and pounded it to roll evenly with the ham and cheese filling.  

Then I rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and fried until golden brown.


  • Chicken breast fillet
  • Cheese (thin squares)
  • Ham slices
  • Chicken Breading


  • Eggs
  • Bread crumbs
  • Magic sarap
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Cooking Oil


  • 1/2 kg Chicken breast fillet
  • 6 pieces Cheese (squares)
  • 3 pieces Ham slices
  • 2 pieces Eggs
  • 2 cups Bread crumbs
  • 1 pack Chicken Breading Mix
  • 1 pack Magic sarap (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooking Oil for frying                

1    Cut the chicken breast fillet in 1/2 inch thick and flatten with rolling pin by covering in plastic wrap and pounding lightly without breaking.

2   Sprinkle some salt and magic sarap on the chicken.

3   Put the ham and cheese on top of the chicken fillet.

Roll the chicken with ham and cheese and secure it with toothpicks.

5   Dredge on the chicken breading.

6   Roll in beaten eggs.

7   Dredge in breadcrumbs with pepper and magic sarap.

8   Fry the rolled chicken in medium heat until the crumbs turn to golden brown.

9 Serve with mayonnaise as dipping sauce.

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