Mango Graham Cake

by Ariel Jasa
(Mandaluyong City)

Mango Graham Cake slice

Mango Graham Cake slice

The Mango Graham cake is a refrigerated, no-bake cake that is so easy to make that even kids could do it.

Years ago, an office mate brought a refrigerated cake and I managed to bring some of it home for my wife.

She liked it, and constantly asked me to get the recipe from my office mate.

When she finally got the recipe and was able to do it, she said it was the easiest and best tasting mango float she ever had.

The good thing is, this is a no-bake cake which even your kids can easily prepare. Also, you can substitute and choose the fruit you prefer if ripened mangoes are not available.

You could canned or fresh peach or a fruit cocktail and the taste will be equally delicious and addictive.

This will surely be a big hit for every occasion.


2 packs Graham crackers
5 pieces Ripened Mangoes (sliced)
2 250 ml All-purpose cream
1 can Condensed milk
2 teaspoon crushed Graham crackers (for toppings)


1. In a bowl, whip together the all-purpose cream and condensed milk. To increase the volume of the mixture, use an electric mixer. Set aside.

2. Peel the mangoes and slice the flesh into thin wide strips, then set aside.

3. Put a layer of graham crackers at the bottom of a rectangular container or tray, fill the spaces or gaps with cracked graham.

4. Pour in whipped cream/milk mixture on top of the graham crackers (about ¼ inch thick), making sure to cover all the surface.

5. Top the layer with slices of mango.

6. Repeat the procedure until you get the desired number of layers.

7. Pour in the remaining cream mixture on top of the final layer.

8. Decorate it with slices of mango and sprinkle with crushed grahams.

9. Refrigerate to chill overnight before serving.

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